Your new family......
Its a shame you wil never have the chance anymore to meet your grandmother, but i stil have a box of personal memories for you. My Mother collected a lot of things, things i have caputerd in a box waiting for you!

So there is stil a chance to meet my dad, although his health isn't that good, he is stul alive.
He got special care and living in a house where they take care of older people who can not live on there own anymore. As he got parkinson desease its difficult for hem.
It was also hard for him to hear you were gone and he might not even see you anymore. By his bed in his room there is a big picture of you, a big smile of sofie, which makes him happy!
About us
Sofie and my dad, he was stil living at home, in this periode. 15-09-2012
About us too
This picture is hanging in the room of my dad, this was made 23-07-2013
only 5 days before you left..........
Bo and my Dad, this picture is from 25-12-2016.
You see youre picture is still hanging on the wall, it is the picture above this picture.