About Your Dad......
Well Who is your dad? What is he doing, and where does he live? Does he have a family? And what about his parents? Do i have a grandma and grandfather? Why do i not know my own dad? Was it me why you left? Did you left because of me or what was the reason? Do i have cousins, or niece? Do i have a sister or a brother?
Why did you not contact me?

All these questions i can answer, some of them you will find here on this page, but some of them i will only explain in private. No need to write it here why it end up as it end up. Out of respect for the other.
I also do not know what youre mother did tell you about me. Did she ever tell you something about youre dad? And for me also what did she told you? One thing is for sure, i wanted to see you! i want to know how you develop yourself. I wanted to be a part in your live even when you are on the other site of the world!
When you reach the age of 18 or older, there is enough correspondence to read if you are interested. So you can make youre own conclusion. I only can say that it wasn't you why we broke up, or the reason i wasn't a part of your life. I whish i was a part of your life!
And until the day we will meet i am thinking of you every day, my diary already counts so many pages, which i started to write since you were gone. It is written for you as i speak to you in this diary.
But first you can find out here,who i am, and what i do in life!

Youre Dad.
About us
So Who is youre Dad and what is doing? He works at BOSCH in hoevelaken The Netherlands.
Service level Manager his function is. See the LinkedIn profile by clicking the LinkedIn icon.
About us too
k hield je in m'n armen
Wat was ik trots op jou
Je was nog maaar pas geboren
Je rilde van de kou
'k Wou altijd voor je zorgen
En een goede vader voor je zijn
Maar die wens is nooit uitgekomen
En ik voel nog steeds de pijn

Zal ik jou nooit meer zien
Is dit nu wat ik verdien
Maar toch ben jij een deel van mij
Nee, dat gevoel gaat nooit voorbij
Vergeef me, wat heb ik fout gedaan
Blijft de deur nu dicht voortaan
Maar telkens weer
Doet 't zo'n zeer
Want ik blijf toch je ouwe heer
'k Heb je in de steek gelaten
Met je moeder hield ik het niet uit
Elke dag maakten we ruzie
En op een dag kwam ik niet meer thuis
Probeerde alles te vergeten
Maar het lukte mij toch niet
En nog steeds na al die jaren
Zit ik met mijn verdriet