Your (new) family.....
So you got a whole (new) family to meet......
Now you know me a little, you also have a Sister.....BO!
But you also got a Grandfather, 2017 he is still alaive, unfortunally your grandmother died on 04-04-2015 11:04 am in hospital in Haarlem due bone cancer. She struggel a lot with her desease for so many years.
I am glad she knew you, she saw you and hold you. Unfortunally only the same time as i did, my parents were
so sad at that time when youre mother took you away and its hard to realise that she never gonna see you again. For my mother this is a fact, she only saw you for 11 months. For my dad it is still possible, although his health is weak, he is stil alive. (2017)

On this page you see yourself with my mother, she hold you when you was born, you were only a few minutes old.
The other picture you see her holding you on her weddingday, celebrating the 50 years of being togehter.
About us
This picture was taken in the Hospital, you were only 40 min old.
About us 2
Sofie and my mother