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it's been a long road to come here, and so many miles to go.....
Sofie Rumkorf, Born in Gouda, at the Groenehart Hospital, 31-08-2012 at 19:35pm.
Take a look around this page, find out more about me, and your (new) family too, and yes you have also a Sister, BO.
Feel free to contact me, find contact information at the contact page, i am waiting for you!!
Sofie as Baby with me
This Site is special made for my daughter Sofie Rumkorf, who was born on 31-08-2012 In the Netherlands.
You left the Netherlands when you were just 1 year old . Since that day i haven't seen you anymore. I only knew you till you were just 11 months old.
Since you left i just wonder how you are, what you do and how your life has been so far. I hope one day you start looking for me and you find this page. When you Google youre own name Sofie Rumkorf you should find this page. And maybe that's why you are here!
And when you find this page, it must been a long road to come here, but i hope we stil have so many miles to go.....
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The first foto you and me together
Your'e were only a few minutes old
The last foto you and me together
it was just one month before youre birthday, you would become one year.